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Findings and Publications


baby_and_dad_sleeping_BWOur findings are reported in

  • Our briefing paper series, launched at our final conference – see below
  • Publications in themed sections of two journals that we guest edited
  • Selected Journal articles and book chapters
  • Our final conference themes and presentations
  • Our Dataset
  • Selected web resources and team presentations

Following Young Fathers Briefing Paper Series: September 2015

Following Young Fathers Working Paper Series

Resource Booklets for Practitioners

compiled by Carmen Lau Clayton. September 2015

Publications - Themed Journals

Families, Relationships and Societies Vol 4 (2) July 2015, Open Space: Seeing Young Fathers in a Different Way
Guest Editors: Bren Neale and Laura Davies

Social Policy and Society Open View articles 2015,  Themed Section on Young Fatherhood
Guest Editors: Bren Neale and Carmen Lau Clayton

Journal Articles / Chapters in Books

Final Conference and Presentations

Our final conference, Seeing Young Fathers in a Different Way, was held at the University of Leeds on 30th September 2015.

  1. Full Conference Programme /Key themes/Speakers
  2. Conference Report by Anna Tarrant

Speaker Presentations

The Following Young Fathers Dataset

The project has produced a rich and extensive dataset on the lives and support needs of young fathers. This was gathered through interviews with young fathers and practitioners over a four year period. Details of the dataset can be found in our guide to the project – see briefing paper no 8

The dataset has been deposited in the Timescapes Archive, where it is available for secondary use. The Timescapes archive can be accessed at:

Web Resources

Selected Team Presentations

Selected National and International Presentations 2013-15.