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Partner Organisations

Following Young Fathers was supported by the organisations listed below. Selected organisations from the network were part of the strategy group for the study, which met twice yearly at the London offices of Barnardos. Key individuals that contributed to the group are listed below, along with their contact details.

All Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood

Promoting the well – being of children by ensuring that legal and policy frameworks keep up with the changing nature of family life and that legislation encourages active and responsible fatherhood.


Providing support to young people aged 16 – 25 from across Leeds from a specialist resource centre.

Action for Prisoners Families

Action for Prisoners’ Families works to bring about positive change in the policy, practice, and procedures that affect prisoners’ and offenders’ families and those who work with them at a local and national level.

Contact: Lesley Dixon


The UK’s largest children’s charity, help children in poverty, young carers and families looking to foster or adopt.

Big Talk Education

Big Talk Education delivers Sex & Relationship Education (SRE) to young people through one-to-one sessions, group lessons, workshops and roadshows in schools and a wide variety of other settings.

Contact: Lynnette Smith

Families Need Fathers

FNF is a charity chiefly concerned with the problems of maintaining a child’s relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown. The organisation offers information, advice and support services.

Contact: Ross Jones

Family Matters Institute

Provides a range of courses and other resources to support organisations and individuals working with parents.

Contact: Chris Muwanguzi

The Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute is the UK’s fatherhood think-tank. The vision is for a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures and supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers.

Contact: Mark Osborn  (Freelance Consultant, formerly of the Fatherhood Institute).

Leeds City Council Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood Team

Led by John May, Re-integration officer with Leeds City Council. John is well known locally and nationally for his role in advocating on behalf of young fathers and disseminating good practice. He has worked with organisations such as the Fatherhood Institute and Young People in Focus and recently worked alongside agencies in Leeds to develop and deliver the Father Inclusive charter mark.

Contact: John May Tel 07891 270 473 / 0113 395 1214

Royal College of Midwives

The RCM is the only professional organisation and trade union dedicated to serving midwifery and the whole midwifery team. They provide workplace advice and support, professional and clinical guidance and information, and learning opportunities through a broad range of events, conferences and online resources.

Contact: Sean O’Sullivan, Head of Health and Policy.

Safe Ground

Safe Ground works to promote relationship skills as tools for empowering people to change, so reducing the risk of reoffending and building stronger communities.

Contact: Adam Moll

St Michael's Fellowship

St. Michael’s Fellowship works to provide children with the best possible start in life, whatever the circumstances.

Contact: Sue Pettigrew, Seany O’Kane

Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange

The first national source of expert knowledge and advice on all aspects of teenage pregnancy.

Contact: Alison Hadley

Thinking Through Fatherhood Initiative

Developed by Kate Bulman, staff nurse at Oakhill Secure Training Centre (a custodial setting for 12-18 year old young offenders), the Thinking Through Fatherhood intervention is designed for under 18 year old fathers and expectant fathers who have offending histories. It includes a fatherhood course run in a group setting, additional one-to-one interventions and planning for resettlement. The intervention was awarded the Best Design Award by the Youth Justice Board and provided with a grant which was used to work with the London Young Dads Council to follow up and support a small group of young fathers/expectant fathers after leaving custody into resettlement.

Contact: Kate Bulman, Tel: 07757 085 588

Working with Men

This UK organization carries out projects on issues related to men, produces a quarterly journal, offers training and produces educational materials.

Contact: Owen Thomas, Sally Mehta

Young Dads TV is the information and guidance service for young fathers (below the age of 25) in the UK.

Contact: Scott Colfer

The Young Dads Council

The Young Dads Council grew out of Young Dads TV and is designed to reduce the poverty and isolation commonly experienced by fathers below the age of 25. Young fathers working for the Council are paid a living wage to act as consultants for public services that want to improve their support for fathers, and to provide peer support for other young fathers. The Council is managed by Hannah Turner-Uaandja and has recently come under the umbrella of the Family and Childcare Trust.

Contact: Hannah Turner-Uaandja